Loki x Reader (Clumsy Love)

Loki x Reader (Clumsy Love)

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Kitty By KittyWhiskers216 Updated Apr 20

A Loki x Reader story:

(Y/n) Stark, little sister of Tony Stark. 
Part of the Avengers which now includes Loki and (Y/n)'s best friend, Samantha. (Y/n) and Loki have a thing for each other but will they be able to face obstacles and confess their feelings for one another? Will the other Avengers approve of the relationship if it happens? Will Tony approve? 

Well hey there stranger~ I am the almighty author of this story, nice to meet ya! 
So... I just wanted to say that this story sucks *laughs nervously* I wrote it when I was like.... uh... how old was I? *counts fingers* 
13! I was 13! 
...Or was I 12?
ANYWHO! I wrote it when I was younger so the story is not that good at first... kinda stupid actually... nah- really stupid. BUT IT GETS BETTER I PROMISE! Well... at least I think it gets better. So enjoy! :) or at least try to

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