Free Rein

Free Rein

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Eighteen year old Tris Prior is the first daughter. Her mother, the President of the U.S., keeps her on a tight leash. Tris just wants to be free. Her mother reluctantly lets her go to a concert in France while they're there for politics. During the escape from the bodyguards at the concert, she runs into Four, who gives her a lift to escape. It's possible that Four knows her, but she doesn't realize that.


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«This story is loosely based off of the movie Chasing Liberty»

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I'm french and one day i saw Emmanuel Macron, our president, in my train But i didn't recognize him. I thought he was a Journalist 😂😂😂
um i'm sorry but THEY R NOT TWINS!!!!!!!!!!! it says so in the book
totallynotmeg totallynotmeg Aug 01, 2016
look who's finally trying to catch uo on people's books oh my lord
rannells rannells Jun 13, 2016
just wondering, is the original author aware of the fact that you've published this?