Pack Mentality // s. stilinski

Pack Mentality // s. stilinski

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ADAMUS SUTEKH MY SON By polkadotPotter Updated Oct 22

The Argents. A family feared throughout the supernatural world. Their moves always careful and calculated, they sneak up on creatures and rip their hearts straight out of their chests -all while following that precious code of theirs. 

But not anymore. Not since werewolves took the life of Kate Argent. Her father twists everything the family knows into his own personal vendetta, and now no werewolf (or friend to werewolves, for that matter) is safe. 

In the eyes of Gerard, nobody involved is innocent. Including Cadmus Argent, his own grandson. 

He picked the wrong side, and now it's time to pay up.

Severo, lleva el coche a la puerta del frente por favor* 
                              Not trying to be rude 😅 I know spanish can be difficult for those who didn't grow up speaking it.
lmao i take spanish classes but all i figured what she said out on was "friends minutos"
Oh my god, I actually knew what that said. My teacher would be so proud
Sounds awesome and he's played by my celebrity crush too! I can't wait for more!
idk-words idk-words Aug 21
this is actually my favorite story I've reread it so many time and my heart jumps whenever you update
As an Argent, that is the exact thing you'd regret. Asking about the wolves.