Pack Mentality // s. stilinski

Pack Mentality // s. stilinski

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Cadmus Argent is someone who comes off as cold and distant. He's sarcastic and a bit blunt at times, but otherwise his incredible loyalty and unfaltering hero complex make him every bit the Argent that he is. Except while his family hunts werewolves, he helps them. He's friends with them, actually. 

Cadmus goes against everything his parents believe in to stick by his friends, and in doing so he earns himself some troubles. From hunting down a kanima and discovering dark secrets about the people he thought he knew to trying to figure out the mysterious healing powers he somehow didn't know he had, he certainly isn't falling short when it comes to excitement or danger. 

He just has to hope that his choices don't get him killed.

{Seasons 2 and 3}
{Stiles Stilinski}

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I only understand the in thirty minutes part of that sentence
me and you both, I favor books over people... and I'm terrible at starting conversations.😂😂😂
I take Spanish. It's a really cool language. But French is cool too.
I'm Dominican so I saw coche and I was like wtf, it took my like five minutes to get it.
MoonyNPadfoot MoonyNPadfoot Oct 18, 2016
Severo, lleva el coche a la puerta del frente por favor* 
                              Not trying to be rude 😅 I know spanish can be difficult for those who didn't grow up speaking it.
dumblewhores dumblewhores Jul 30, 2016
lmao i take spanish classes but all i figured what she said out on was "friends minutos"