power || vkook

power || vkook

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mila, By Tae2theKook Updated Mar 22

He has a power that could stop the time & everything else, and so the two- an idol and a fan enjoy time together because of it. 

"I have power, do you want to see?" 

//short story//

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I thought at first it was jungkook who said 'taehyung oppa' so i got shook
I get so sad when I know there are fanboys out there and I'm not one of them because I want to be special so I can stand out to bangtan but no I'm just a generic fangirl ://
my 1st thought : oh. ok. tht's normal.
                              my 2nd thought : wait. his lil sis influenced him??? tht's impossible
My sister introduces me to bts and her bias is Jimin....*SHARP INHALE* NO WAAYYYY *goes through those eye portal stuff raven from that's so raven goes through with her power*
ponyeet ponyeet Jan 20
i heard that this happens for like some people. keyword: HEARD. IVE NEVER BEEN TO A FANMEET
raraaewe raraaewe Jan 03
Maybe you could make jimin jealous cuz he likes jungkook deep inside, he then decides to tell people about their relationship as an anonymous and start telling people to make a scandal about them... idk if thats good enough but thats my idea ^^