What is life? (G!sans x Reader)[ON HOLD]

What is life? (G!sans x Reader)[ON HOLD]

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Call me crazy By GracyPuppy Updated Feb 12

"G?"   "What is it dove?"

"What is life?"   "I don't know."

You snuggle up to G's chest remembering how you two first met.

COVER IS NOT MY ART! THIS IS MY FIRST TIME WRITING A STORY! SO RELAX! Now that that's out of the way, you may continue to read this book.

Oh course I hear you G! Its just one of the rules I follow by, move it you lose it.
I hate makeup. I'm pretending I don't have it and replacing with candy . .
Okay so is this about he reader or auther cause I'm confused (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
                              Now explain
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Not even really started the first chapter and you already got me hooked on this book!
Gay_Sinner Gay_Sinner Feb 10
I noticed that in most of the Gaster!Sans x Readers that I've read, the reader has been abused and runs and magically finds Grilbys. Not that I'm complaining tho.
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                              Me: Shhhh Don't question it 
                              Friend: BUT H-*I put hand over mouth*
                              Me: What did i tell you