What is life? (G!sans x Reader)

What is life? (G!sans x Reader)

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wil pay 4 cool leg? By GracyPuppy Updated Nov 12

"G?"   "What is it dove?"

"What is life?"   "I don't know."

You snuggle up to G's chest remembering how you two first met.

COVER IS NOT MY ART! THIS IS MY FIRST TIME WRITING A STORY! SO RELAX! Now that that's out of the way, you may continue to read this book.

Oh my goodness! I remember when I got 10 reads and 2 votes, I did cart wheels around the whole house. 😂
                              I really love your book by the way! It has amazing potential and I think I might die laughing at it!😆
Instead of Make-up, i would grab every electronic possible along with their chargers
                              -failed short hair flip- lolololol short hair
Lamaria_12 Lamaria_12 Nov 12
I can't cartwheel...so here is  what I did
                              I TRIED to cartwheel, but instead barreled over, somehow did a 360 no scope, did the worm for a split second before doing the flop and then somehow managing a back flip and breaking the vase
Geez G don't worry about me...
can I ask.. umm isn't that G is a combi of Gaster and Sans? So.. are there two Sanses here? :) BTW, great story
LunarHuntress LunarHuntress 7 days ago
... Me, forget the damned make up! Grab my electronics and chargers!