The New Boy // zianourry {Harry centric}

The New Boy // zianourry {Harry centric}

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Sam❤︎(っ^‿^)っ By batmanwannabe Updated Aug 07, 2017

In a world where there are alphas it's already hard enough to be an omega, but being a transgender boy makes it even more terrifying.

Harry leaves his old life behind and starts a new school in a new town. All he wants to do is to not get noticed in his last year of high school, so he can hide away from any chance of finding his mate. Don't get me wrong, he wants to find them, but once they see him and his body he's scared they're going to run in the opposite direction.

What happens when Harry grabs the attention of four alphas? And what will they do when they discover Harry's secrets?

{May be triggering in some chapters}

(Harry's POV but may change in later chapters)
***ON HOLD***

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uglyloverboy uglyloverboy Jul 21, 2017
How does the whole "female alpha" thing work? Like how do they knot, if they do? I'm so confused
tomatoo333 tomatoo333 Nov 03, 2016
Hehe Kingsley. ...I'm a hardcore Harry Potter fan sorry not sorry
GayTreeDudes GayTreeDudes Jun 14, 2016
This is amazing. One of the best zianourry stories I've read in a while :)
GayTreeDudes GayTreeDudes Jun 14, 2016
Great start. I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter :)