A wound to the heart #Shourtney - ✔️ Smosh

A wound to the heart #Shourtney - ✔️ Smosh

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Alisha By Arianatron Completed

When Olivia and Shayne start dating. Courtney's feelings for Shayne resurface. However, she is part of the reason they got together in the first place. 

Multi-chapter (completed)

This is like over a year old and is written grammar and vocabulary-wise quite poorly. To be honest it isn't written terribly but I do advise you to read at your own risk. The cringe you are about to witness is unfathomable.

Sequel chapter 5 onwards (also in this book) .Will be some Nolivia! Takes place during the Smosh summer games s2


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I meme Dee technically but I guess Olivia now. So wait Shayne is cheating on Dee with Olivia and she just admitted it on a live stream 😂
Okay Courtney just said "I suppose so. Shayne looked at me expectingly" 😂 I love grammar mistakes like this 😂😂
Ooooo~ what were you getting? That coffee? Some head~~~~~~ 😉? How about a nice personality? You need one right now you stone cold bitch
I just realised... what about Dee? All is good and stuff for Olivia but what about breaking up with Dee?? 😂
You wasted a perfectly good Antlivia opportunity (or whatever the ship name is I forget)
VideoGameMovieGirl VideoGameMovieGirl Jun 23, 2016
I like this because it's like an actaul story but still an fanfic at the same time and not like other crappy fanfic stories