Dead Royalty

Dead Royalty

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Kanae Yoshida By Shocker_Girl Completed

Book 2 of the Shock Therapy Series.

Narina Yukata, formerly known as Narin Jousuke. A boy who accidentally turned himself into a girl when going through the process known as Rebirth.. a process that allows one to be reborn as a Super Hero. 

Though Narina has gotten used to being a girl, she still has much to learn, however, she tries to focus on relaxing during her Spring Break with her best friend Nue Elise.  However, Nue has a dangerous secret that threatens to break this peace. The King of the World Government, Nue's father.. has discovered the location of his daughter. Nue does not wish to enter royalty, though her family claims she has no choice. 

Narina intends to stand by her friend as much as she can. However, unfortunately, Narina and Nue may share more problems then they think..

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JamesLester126 JamesLester126 Oct 19, 2017
If she was wiped from the data banks, then how did Narin get rebirthed into her? (Nice mystery by the way)
VegetaKaisa VegetaKaisa Apr 22, 2017
My God. Batman, Captain Kirk, Duff Goldman, and Asunanunder the same roof. Well. Time to get the popcorn. 🍿🍿🍿🍿
VegetaKaisa VegetaKaisa Apr 22, 2017
Btw, I guarantee you got "crap baskets" from a Team Four Star running gag.
soniczurcx soniczurcx Jun 13, 2016
Good chapter again filled with plot twists that blindsided us
MangaAnimeNovelOtaku MangaAnimeNovelOtaku Jun 12, 2016
This is why I hate royalty and awesome hallucination😂😂😂👏👏👏
MangaAnimeNovelOtaku MangaAnimeNovelOtaku Jun 12, 2016
Seriously, hahahahaha, I feel bad for meanie Bella, she DOESNT KNOW STAR TREK