Pregnant By My Mate....To Bad I Was Rejected

Pregnant By My Mate....To Bad I Was Rejected

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Emily By Retro21Guns Updated Aug 28, 2013

Charlie a 16 year old werewolf whose parents had died in a rogue attack. Ever since that she has been tormented, bullied, by the kids in the pack and her own brother all she has is her best friend Tommie who is an outcast just like her. One night she convinces Charlie to go to Eli's 18th party he is the future alpha of the pack and one of her bullies and also her....crush. He will soon find hes mate now that hes 18. On the party they find out there mates. heartbroken by the rejection she runs but that's not the only reason why she runs .......shes pregnant

Eli had found hes mate but what he didn't expect was that it is Charlie hes wolf takes over and he mates with her. In the morning he is outraged that the fates put him with a weak wolf he has to have a strong mate to be hes Luna for when he takes over the pack so he rejects her.  

Heartbroken over the rejection Charlie runs never to be seen again until now

(sorry i'm not very good at descriptions)

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tvakadpl tvakadpl Mar 09, 2016
Oh she burnt you so bad, you went from raw to crispy real quick
mystery0wolf mystery0wolf Feb 29, 2016
wow.. bullied by her own brother and she still hopes for the best for him. I wish I could her a hug
ChaChasTurner ChaChasTurner Apr 24, 2016
Anna Sophia Robb is pretty  😍shame on him rejecting her smh