Misleaded Heart Aches|JORTINI

Misleaded Heart Aches|JORTINI

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"What?" He whispered, pulling a bit away from me. "You don't wanna kiss me?"

"It's difficult" 

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"

"Believe me" I let out a deep sigh. "I won't be the beautiful thing that would fit in your world"

"Martina" he whispered, cupping my head with his fingers. "How can't you fit in my world if you are my world?"

After everything she had faced, I was the last thing she wanted in her life.
She would be scared of me and I wouldn't even have noticed it or know the reason why.She would never have fit in my life just like I never would be mentioned in hers.
But appearently faith brought us together on unexplainable ways.

She was like a flame.A flame which had to burn again.
I was hope.The one who gave it to her.
They said she would tear me apart and made me loose everything I build up.
I didn't care. I had lost so much more.and loosing anything for her wasn't my problem.
I wanted her to burn me.
So let her burn me.

xjortiniexistsx xjortiniexistsx Jul 28, 2016
SOUNDS INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x-littlegoodgirl-x x-littlegoodgirl-x Sep 19, 2016
Wow sounds like i read a personal  part of my life/past but then without the part of Hurting physically
Sunntxoxo Sunntxoxo Jul 29, 2016
This book is amazing, really and I'm picky with the stuff I read sometimes, no offence to anyone BTW
jelegendary jelegendary Jul 29, 2016
i would be drowning myself in netflix and just cry over the fact jelena don't have mini jelenas running around but k
xjortiniexistsx xjortiniexistsx Jul 29, 2016
Sunntxoxo Sunntxoxo Jul 29, 2016
Wow, this chapter really spoke to me even if I wasn't raped, but I do understand the loneliness and lack of trust