The werewolf Earl,The Hastings,Book 2

The werewolf Earl,The Hastings,Book 2

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Lisa Anne Stebbings By LisaAnneStebbings Completed

Chapter one

This is my story

My name is Gabriel Wilding, The earl of Wildford.

A few years ago I had an accident by coming face to face with a supernatural being one night.

I was very young and stupid drinking and whoring as young men do of the ton!

Being drunk made me walk into the night without a care in the world leaving my carriage behind.

Drunk, young and stupid, I wandered into the woods alone hearing unnatural howls in the woods.

People always tell you look before you leap, or pride before a fall, As an earl I was superior unafraid of nothing.

Werewolves were myth weren't they? I questioned in my head every second, every minute. The howls grew closer and louder as I walked further into the woods.

Why, why, why, did I not listen to my gut feeling telling me to run and get out!

But no everyone I was drunk and stupid never imagining in a million years that I Gabriel Wilding Earl of wildford would be attacked by a feral beast of hell one night.

My feet made scrunching noi...

fictiontale fictiontale May 04, 2017
The story line is really good,but it is impossible to understand what is happening since it is so choppy written.
MD_RMan31 MD_RMan31 Jun 10, 2017
Don't know why, but since reading the first line I'm already loving it.
HinaShahjehan HinaShahjehan Mar 20, 2016
good story line. But dialogue and thoughts are not clear. Edit it.
Koob321 Koob321 Nov 20, 2015
Good story but really hard to read. Doesn't make sense in some places
LisaAnneStebbings LisaAnneStebbings Sep 04, 2015
Thank you for the advice I tried to do shorter chapters with this one. 
                              With the other stories I'm just taking my time until they the characters want the story to end.
JoyceDyck JoyceDyck Sep 04, 2015
I really like the story line, but it's really choppy. you need a editor and don't force the story, then it becomes too rushed.