X-men preference/imagines

X-men preference/imagines

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Partially-insane By isweqrimsane Updated Dec 20, 2017

Alex Summers/Havok
(Young)Hank McCoy/Beast
Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
(Young)Charles Xavier/Professor X
Sean Cassidy/Banshee
(Young)Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto 
(Young) Jean Grey/Phoenix 
(Young) Ororo Munroe/Storm
(Young) Scott Summers/Cyclops
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler 
James (Logan) Howlett/Wolverine
(Young)Pietro Maximoff/QuickSilver
I take requests, just dm or whatever

I don't own MARVEL or FOX I don't own anything in this book/story shit

P.S I only own the stories, but not the actual characters or MARVEL.

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ACMLOL ACMLOL Apr 29, 2017
I wil love it but please don't destroy MY BOOK AGAIN OR i WILL end you!!! And it was nice to meet you too!😄😘
lizardbear6669 lizardbear6669 Mar 09, 2017
Except one thing nazis called  the prisoners by numbers to dehumanize them
FrankieFusciaxx FrankieFusciaxx Mar 12, 2017
Yes, exactly what you think about when you meet another prisoner in a nazi camp XD
SerenaLocksley SerenaLocksley Apr 29, 2017
Hell no! My Game Of Thrones and Hunger Games collection are precious one
TaraMullis TaraMullis Nov 02, 2016
And can u add these characters please?:
                              Bobby Drake(Iceman),John Allerdyce(Pyro),Piotr Rasputin(Colossus),Warren Worthington(Angel(X-men Apocalypse version)
PhoPhoTonkinsWife PhoPhoTonkinsWife Mar 06, 2017