In a World So Cold~ A Gene x Zenix Fanfiction

In a World So Cold~ A Gene x Zenix Fanfiction

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*Confused Screaming* By TheTurtleShaman Updated Jun 22

Yet another Three Days Grace title! Ye!


Zenix goes to Phoenix Drop High School with his two friends, Sasha and Gene. They are part of a gang called the Shadow Knights. Everything was going great, except for one thing, Zenix had a crush on Gene. He never told anyone about his crush, or the fact that he liked boys. But after Gene and Sash try and find him a girlfriend, Zenix finally comes out and confesses his love, will Gene accept and return his feelings? Or will he be cold about it, and stop talking to Zenix all together.

I even have a ship name! Thank you Couple Name generator!


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Sabmarault Sabmarault Jun 12, 2016
This is one of my OTP's Zenix just tell kawaii chan that Genix is A Aarmau shipper then she will pray to the shipping gods for her second favorit otp to happen,right? Yeh i make so much sense so yeah, U GU GURL(zenix)dont let that friend zone stand!
Popcorn_Mikey Popcorn_Mikey Sep 01, 2016
Can you hear that? That's the sound of Zenix's heart breaking..... It's gonna be ok Zenix.. I'm sorry *pats Zenix on the back*
- - Jun 11, 2016
                              ZENIX BABY DONT THINK THAT.
                              NEVER EVER EVER EVERRRRRRR.
                              YOU GO GET YO BOI BABY.
                              (Zenix mah smol baby ;3;)
Mark_X_Jack Mark_X_Jack Jan 29
Ohhhhh friend zoned!!! And why am I reading this now.... It's over a year since I read this... Eh whatevs
turtle_boi_ turtle_boi_ Jun 23, 2016
My smol cinnamon roll got friend-zoned... Shhh its okay smol cinnamon roll
Minc_Swaggertion Minc_Swaggertion Sep 09, 2016
Tbh I was gonna say something, but then I remembered. I friendzoned my friend the other day. I have no room to talk.