In a World So Cold~ A Gene x Zenix Fanfiction

In a World So Cold~ A Gene x Zenix Fanfiction

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Fat Lil' Nugget By TheTurtleShaman Updated Jun 22

Yet another Three Days Grace title! Ye!


Zenix goes to Phoenix Drop High School with his two friends, Sasha and Gene. They are part of a gang called the Shadow Knights. Everything was going great, except for one thing, Zenix had a crush on Gene. He never told anyone about his crush, or the fact that he liked boys. But after Gene and Sash try and find him a girlfriend, Zenix finally comes out and confesses his love, will Gene accept and return his feelings? Or will he be cold about it, and stop talking to Zenix all together.

I even have a ship name! Thank you Couple Name generator!


Sabmarault Sabmarault Jun 12, 2016
This is one of my OTP's Zenix just tell kawaii chan that Genix is A Aarmau shipper then she will pray to the shipping gods for her second favorit otp to happen,right? Yeh i make so much sense so yeah, U GU GURL(zenix)dont let that friend zone stand!
Popcorn_Mikey Popcorn_Mikey Sep 01, 2016
Can you hear that? That's the sound of Zenix's heart breaking..... It's gonna be ok Zenix.. I'm sorry *pats Zenix on the back*
- - Jun 11, 2016
                              ZENIX BABY DONT THINK THAT.
                              NEVER EVER EVER EVERRRRRRR.
                              YOU GO GET YO BOI BABY.
                              (Zenix mah smol baby ;3;)
Mark_X_Jack Mark_X_Jack Jan 29
Ohhhhh friend zoned!!! And why am I reading this now.... It's over a year since I read this... Eh whatevs
be_less_chill_ be_less_chill_ Jun 23, 2016
My smol cinnamon roll got friend-zoned... Shhh its okay smol cinnamon roll
Minc_Swaggertion Minc_Swaggertion Sep 09, 2016
Tbh I was gonna say something, but then I remembered. I friendzoned my friend the other day. I have no room to talk.