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Aliyah Ezinma By AliyahEzinma Completed

"Did you know that the average vagina is only three to four inches long, so me wanting an eight inch penis is pointless?"

He looks at me with shrewd, calculating eyes, and then says:

"Did you know that the vagina can expand by up to two hundred percent when sufficiently aroused?"

I gulp, and look down, trying to ignore the discomfort of sitting in wet underwear. The truth is, I do know this; I just didn't expect him to.

He then leans forward and whispers over the table:

"I think you knew; you were just bullshitting, as per usual. The truth of the matter though, Ezinma, is that I know I can get you there."

That all sounded like porn, the way he said it; and I know exactly where there is, know exactly what he was talking about in the last seven words.

I don't think I'll be able to get up without a wet patch showing in the back of my pants.

As always, he continues, as if I'm not insanely aroused.

"The question is, will you let me?"




1. capacity for sexual feelings.

2. a person's sexual orientation or preference.

3. sexual activity.

Sometimes, love seems to come at the most inconvenient times, just to screw everything up when we just begin to figure ourselves out, understand who we really are. 

For Ezinma, a hedonistic twenty year old who has always embraced her sexuality in every sense of the word, love also comes along at a most inconvenient time. 

When the line between the most extreme lust she's ever felt, and a love she's never experienced before begins to dissolve, fear of the unknown takes over. 

Will she reject it? Or will she embrace it, just like her sexuality?

•Mature, 18+

This is my first story, and one of the most embarrassing things that I have ever done in my entire life. Please, don't judge me.

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