Disobeying Truths {ON HOLD}

Disobeying Truths {ON HOLD}

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♛K℩℩K℩ ➊➌➌➐♛ By Kiiki1337 Updated Dec 26, 2016

Richard Grayson is a boy on the run. From heroes, villains, everyone really. He hasn't made a name for himself, yet he's there. He's stolen from everyone and anyone alike. But he only does it to survive. He's been on the run for these long six years on the streets. So how does someone cope when a bat starts on their tail?

This is a Young Justice AU fan fiction 

BTW There is NO OC action within this fanfic (Just letting you guys know!)

DISCLAIMER: Kiiki doest't own the DC Comics franchise, or the characters in this story. I only own the plot line.

WARNING: There is mild cussing, and some sexual references. I'll try to steer away from things that could cause possible triggers, yet if I believe there is one I will add a warning.

Title inspired by @RaverGrayson 

Special thanks to both @Liz_Enigma and @Shadowhuntertwin for making me covers! I'm sorry I had to choose one over the other! I could always try and incorporate them together, but I suck at editing XD 
[The current cover is my own creation!]

dontgivesasstome dontgivesasstome Sep 16, 2016
It's not short. My chapters are usually 400 words or less. His book is amazing
firestarter456 firestarter456 Dec 30, 2016
I actually fell off my desk chair. Now everybody in my class is looking at me weird thanks alot.
Even when faced with the bat-glare this kid can sass, that's why I love Dick so much!!
For some reason I read this with an "I'm Batman, bitch." attitude
MoonWolf2002 MoonWolf2002 Jun 29, 2016
I love this book! The starting is different from other's and thats really cool!
MagicPB MagicPB Nov 18, 2016
So it is true Richard was just a ward?😱😭😭😭😭 I wanted him to be adopted Son..wahhhh