The Light & The Dark (Reapertale!Sans X Goddess!Reader) {Discontinued}

The Light & The Dark (Reapertale!Sans X Goddess!Reader) {Discontinued}

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『Dr. Richtofen』 By Im_My_Own_InSaNity Completed

[Published: June 10, 2016]
[Discontinued: January 17, 2017]

A Young Goddess known as the Goddess of Light or (Y/N), lived with the Goddess of Life or Toriel. Toriel was (Y/N)'s adoptive mother because she never knew her real one. One day, during the lovely evening of a beautiful spring afternoon, (Y/N) notices a odd pathway of corrupted grass. She decided to go after what caused it, but she soon found out....

Dɛɑtɦ cɑɱɛ kɳѳckiɳg ɑt ɦɛʀ ɗѳѳʀ....

[A replacement book will be arriving shortly, named "The Goddess of Two Faces." It will include a better context, more logic, and more expressive writing. Stay tuned for the Newest -and better written Reapertale!Sans X Reader Book!]

Vicky, supposed to be born in november, 15. I was born 8 days after XD
It's kinda funny because my friends call me the goddess of light. Heh.
- - Nov 08, 2016
my name is Pauleene
                              it means small
                              and intelligent, serene and tidy
                              ^ that's what the internet said but it's not true haha
stereo_glitch stereo_glitch Oct 11, 2016
It would be ironic if my name was Zoe cos Zoe means life in greek
Seer_Luna Seer_Luna Oct 15, 2016
-sees people asking who acts like this-
                              Did u think she'd seriously be scared when her title is LITERALLY "Goddess of LIGHT"?
Crying_Burning_Liar Crying_Burning_Liar Dec 08, 2016
Okay, so, Toriel let's this happen, and now our happy-go-lucky character is blushing for some reason, and we all know it ain't the hand holding. She's way top oblivious. 
                              She must be thinking up some weird crap. Lol.