My Deceiver. ||Ziam AU

My Deceiver. ||Ziam AU

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Cherribell🍒 By Cherribellnat Updated Jan 22, 2017

"How do except me to look at you the same!"

- Being vulnerable and opening up to people is a difficult thing this day in age. I thought I was crazy finding piece by piece of a puzzle I didn't even know existed. The ride was so fun going up...

And his deceiving ways made me come crashing down. -Zayn Mailk in My Deceiver

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Bisous_Lizzy Bisous_Lizzy Mar 13, 2017
                              Wow, 1D gone bad! Very captivating from the very start, so well done. However, at times the grammatical errors did distract from your story, but nothing that can't be easily edited.
- - Apr 09, 2017
                              Huh, I thought Zayn would've been the main character. The ending was really funny, and the whole chapter was action-packed. I'm anxious to find out what the backstory is and more detailed descriptions of these characters!
AsherTensei AsherTensei Apr 16, 2017
                              I had to remind myself that this is fan fiction. It led with a lot of action that left me with a lot of questions that hopefully the upcoming chapters will answer. Overall, I like the gritty feel this chapter has.
AsherTensei AsherTensei Apr 15, 2017
Is skyline the type of car? If so, capitalize it. If not, change the subject from the skyline to the car they are in.
LoveNeverDies13 LoveNeverDies13 Feb 08, 2017
Hey! I'm your partner this week! My story that you're assigned is also my first so don't worry about this not being wattys material. Fanfiction is also a good way to get started!
paviyablue paviyablue Jan 16, 2017
Oooh is this 1D mixed with 5SOS? Awesome!  This is a great start to the story;  very suspenseful and entertaining.  There were a few grammatical errors here and there but nothing too catastrophic.  Keep up the good work 👌