My Deceiver. ||Ziam AU #Wattys2016

My Deceiver. ||Ziam AU #Wattys2016

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Cherribell By Cherribellnat Updated Nov 21

"How do except me to look at you the same!"

- Being vulnerable and opening up to people is a difficult thing this day in age. I thought I was crazy finding piece by piece of a puzzle I didn't even know existed. The ride was so fun going up...

And his deceiving ways made me come crashing down. -Zayn Mailk in My Deceiver

ccalianese ccalianese Oct 05
Such a great beginning!! Very original and descriptive. Love the last line like nothing even happened!! Good first chapter!!
stargxzing stargxzing Nov 19
I LOVE THIS!!! I think that it's great that you started the book with a lot of action! Its very descriptive. I'm definitely going to read more
zoefairie zoefairie Oct 11
Your description is great already, you just need to hone it more. Perhaps you should try to have it edited or ask a beta to read it as I can spot some grammar errors here and there. It's the first time I've read badass Liam, so good job for that!
escapeed escapeed Oct 03
That's a wow for a prologue. Why do I feel James Bond here??
I love action stories.. This is so cool.... 
                              Who is Liam's babe.. Curious to know that.... :)))
escapeed escapeed Oct 03
it's actually nice that you have that caution thing above hahaha