1 Girl Who Make 13 Boys Fall In Love [editing]

1 Girl Who Make 13 Boys Fall In Love [editing]

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Cho Sa Rang POV

I am still one my way to go back home then I saw two black vans just past by me. I recognised those vans and I started to wave both of my hands.

"Bye Jun!!" while waving my hand, happily. Suddenly the one of those vans where I know Jun was inside stopped and the door flung open by someone inside it. It was S.Coups!! He's coming to me with wide open arms and a beautiful smile ready to gave me a warm hug.

Oh, I can feel it. He's so warm.

The other guys also get out from those vans.They start dancing Adore U for me. It's so touching. I started walking to S.Coups and it happened again. I can feel the warm hug again. It's really comfortable.

I turned around to them "Thank you so much guys" Then I felt someone hugged me from behind. I turned around to see Jun, The8 then Wonwoo but then the others followed then tries to hug me so it came all out as a group hug.

Mansae Mansae Mansae Yeah
Mansae Mansae Mansae Yeah
Mansae Mansae Mansae Yeah
Naega Nareul Bol Ttae Myeon Woah

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Taekook_97x95 Taekook_97x95 Dec 28, 2017
Wah that's the girl group i was hoping you to add twice and weki meki but theyre not😂
brid0916 brid0916 Jul 05, 2017
Dude same the other day I had a dream I met Zico from Block b
RandomRedSeptic RandomRedSeptic Jun 15, 2017
Girl groups i like: F(x), Twice, Blackpink and a single song by Red Velvet.
0_Kpop_Trash_4 0_Kpop_Trash_4 Oct 21, 2017
That Is literally me I have short brown hair that goes to Ma shoulders and that is pretty much my personality
PrincessAreum PrincessAreum Sep 08, 2017
Same my book will be like this concept like it came from a dream
PreciousBaekyeol PreciousBaekyeol Dec 27, 2017
Oh my gosh I was literally listening to Mansae and these exact lyrics played😂