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The Shadow Of The Secrets

The Shadow Of The Secrets

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AuroraEmerald By AuroraEmerald Updated Aug 24, 2011

As her life is thrown into turmoil over her amazing and unexplainable actions, Sofia has nothing left to do but run from everything she knows and loves. As she's exposed to the world they begin to pursue and hunt her, leaving her stranded with no option but for her to fight for her freedom.
Leading her through a world of mystery, deceit, magic and the trust of a lone friend, she sets out to find the real secrets that lie within the shadows.

Lozcain Lozcain Sep 09, 2011
WOW :O ... this is so AWESOME! I love the opening paragraph, and you do an excellent job of making the start seem kind of sinister, your descriptions are amazing, and the spelling and grammer is great :) This is a brilliant opening to the story, I love how dramatic it is :) x
guitargal123 guitargal123 Aug 21, 2011
see, this is why i like the "share your story" club part of wattpad cause i find really good and undiscovered stories like this one(: i really like it so far! you have good detail and i can see that this has much potential. great job :D
TheUnknown14 TheUnknown14 Aug 21, 2011
You have amazing description!!! I also love how you started your first chapter with so much action!! Loved it and Voted:) 
ConfusedPassion ConfusedPassion Aug 21, 2011
i really liked it! I was confused for a flash because I didn't know some terminology (i'm american), but it's good and I think the first paragraph was an excellent way to start it.
Forcade Forcade Aug 21, 2011
For a second I felt horrible, because I thought the boy was actually burning alive in there. o_o' I'm glad, that's not the case.
                              I love your writing. Your vocabulary use is great!
                              p.s - long live spongebob
DaydreamerXx DaydreamerXx Aug 20, 2011
This is great - especially the begining - I love how you described the rain in such a beautiful way, then mentioned tat she didn't like it. Really like it so I've added it to my library, and have voted :D Spongebob x