My Guy Maid 2  | Lee Taeyong ✔️

My Guy Maid 2 | Lee Taeyong ✔️

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EXO By julylovve Completed

"Oh come on! We want to know how it would feel like with a Asian girl." They laugh then step of the car. Are they going to help? The next thing I know Taeyong lands a punch on one of their faces! What the hell! Then Yuta begin punching the other one. Fists are being thrown and I can't tell who's winning. I then hear one grunt really loud and they get into their car and leave. What the hell just happened! Is this how California is going be like?

After leaving South Korea Nayeon, Taeyong, and Yuta begin living in Los Angeles, California to have a safer life. With Taeyongs Mother and Father still tracking them down it'll be a lot harder. There will be challenges and decisions they must face. Will they make it? Will life in California be a good thing? Will they have their happy ending? Keep reading to find out.

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sunshine_hae sunshine_hae Jul 22, 2017
I don't know how but I found this and Yuta and taeyong's arguement so funny.
                              Some please help me I think I'm high on febreze
ArmyFromBangtan ArmyFromBangtan Jun 17, 2017
This is so good!!! I've never read a fan fiction like this which makes it even better!
devz0309 devz0309 Jun 10, 2016
lollllll ahahahaha are u gonna add another character eonni???
yoongayinfiresme yoongayinfiresme Jan 05, 2017
Untied😂😂 it fits so well rn cuz the opposite of united is untied😂😂 oh lordeu