Awesome Pancakes

Awesome Pancakes

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Prussia has been kicked out of his shared home at his younger brother, Germany's. Following his stomach, he makes his way to the home of the lonely Northern country, Canada, and makes himself right at home living with the world's awesomest pancake chef. At first Canada is more than a little overwhelmed by Prussia, but as the seasons pass on by, and as many home-made pancakes are smothered in maple syrup and eaten with gusto, the two bond and become friends... And all the while they grow closer, that friendship threatens to blossom into something more.


PG-13 for some swearing (in English, okay-ish French, and bad German), and because this story contains M/M relationships, which some people aren't comfortable with. The farthest it gets, however, is fluffy cuteness. Main pairing is Prussia/Canada.
The writing is old. As in, this took a year for me to write, and it's been over four years now as I write this description since I finished writing it and posted the epilogue.
Hetalia is copyright to Himaruya-san. I only played with his characters for a while.

Also, I'm not going to edit any of the mistakes left in this fic, either. It's too old to bother with. So yeah, I know, the French and German are bad (esp. the German) but I do not care anymore.

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Booky_The_Worm Booky_The_Worm Dec 30, 2014
                              Transformers is a good idea for cosplay.
                              And I'm hoping to do a Skyward Sword cosplay.
Booky_The_Worm Booky_The_Worm Dec 30, 2014
If I were to cosplay..... it would be either Italy, or Link from The Legend of Zelda.
                              luv that game!!!
TechnoXenoHolic TechnoXenoHolic Jun 24, 2013
@bookloveforever *chuckles* well, I certainly hope you enjoy whatever it is that's new to you in this here story of mine. ^.^
TechnoXenoHolic TechnoXenoHolic Mar 14, 2013
@LadyAlkaline aww, well thank you~! I'm so glad you liked it so much! ^.^
                              I really appreciate the follow, hon~. *gives you pancakes with real maple syrup*
LadyAlkaline LadyAlkaline Mar 14, 2013
Oh, I love this. I was fangirling through all of it and it's really made me love the PruCan pairing. Amazing! ^ ^
TechnoXenoHolic TechnoXenoHolic Jan 27, 2013
@liechtybakaribbon well, it doesn't, really, besides the fandom crossover phenomenon known as "Hetastuck", but I find that the "quadrants" of troll romance make my shipping life rather interesting... They CAN be confusing, though.