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Please be advised, readers you are being warned. This book may not appeal to all readers. There will be graphic senses and words used. You have been warned.You read at your own risk. For the rest who have stayed, Please enjoy.

Tyler Harris was eight when his uncle took him from his house. He raped him and then sold him into a ring of sex trafficking. Tyler didn't understand what was happening at the time. He couldn't understand why his uncle did what he did to him. He was hurt, pained and confused. He didn't know where he was, who the people that wouldn't stop touching him was. He was horrified and afraid that he would never see his family again. Tyler  becomes cold and shuts the world out. A girl he called Bunny became his life line. Not long after her escape, was when their warehouse was stormed by the police. He got to go home, but nothing was the same as it was. His family began to fall apart and after his mother's death, his father snapped and disowned him. Things were horrible when he started school again. He did not fit in and was bullied.

8 Years later:
Tyler is now 16, and lives with his sister Alex in a new town. She knows of what happened to Tyler  but does not know the full extent of it. No one knows the whole truth of what had happen to him while he was gone for 5 months when he was eight years old but Bunny. He has no choice but to confront his past when Bunny, a girl that lived the same hell with him returns and is now a grown woman and married too. During this time period, he becomes close friends with one of his best friend's (Miguel) girlfriend's older brother (Michael). In no time, he realizes that he wants to get close to Michael but will the fear and trauma of his past stop him from doing so? Can Michael break drown the walls Tyler has had in place for years to protect himself? Or will everything fall apart?

Well there is only one way to find out....

  • dark
  • drama
  • malexmale
  • mature
  • romance
  • sexual
  • tragedy
NekoOmorashi NekoOmorashi May 21, 2018
Omg I'm not sure if anyone will get this but
the_undercover_cacti the_undercover_cacti Feb 02, 2018
My friends name is Tyler and I can't look at him the same way now
AuraLightStar AuraLightStar May 04, 2018
Not stupid. NEVER EVER STUPID. A child is a child. How would he know his uncle put something in his drink. Even if knew, he wouldn't think it's bad
TheLastCheeseCake TheLastCheeseCake Jan 17, 2018
Just a tip. Try not to jumble everything into a big paragraph. It's like writing an essay.
Pastear Pastear Jan 12, 2018
I don't want to be that type of person but that sentence right there gave me wrong idea...
djbearbear101 djbearbear101 Feb 08, 2018
sorry, not sorry but...
                              MICHAEL IN THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!