Arrogant Alpha. Joshaya.

Arrogant Alpha. Joshaya.

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Maya is a rogue and left her pack willingly when she was 12 years old. After 6 years of living alone and being content with that, but after the 'Sapiente Wolves' pass a law that anyone 18 and under has to attend school no matter your pack status things turn upside down for her.

Meeting your mate is supposed to be a great thing...
Finding your best friend after 6 years is supposed to be a great thing...

Unfortunately she's not getting out of this as easy as originally planned. Especially after being mated with Alpha Josh. Secrets, love, romance and mystery surrounds her life and she's not remotely prepared for it.

miggiegoals miggiegoals Aug 02
So you just Immediately know when you smell your mate that it's them?
Would u ever consider making a rucas one? I have always wanted to read one. This on is amazing !!
Like I don't want to read the next chapter bc I'm scared if I keep reading it will end and this is amazing! I've never really read supernatural fanfic or joshaya fanfic, but you make it seem so amazeballs! Ahh I love you
I love your story! And, enjoyed that you didn't make Josh run after her because, sometimes that really does happen! It makes  it seem relatable! :) and made Maya into a strong character!
Wow, not expecting that, but I love how realistic you made their relationship