Demon's Mate (BoyxBoy)

Demon's Mate (BoyxBoy)

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(Sequel to Demon's Toy. You don't have to read that on first though.)

Alex and Nikolay were finally getting their relationship together, and felt like they were in a good place. They felt like everything was pretty much perfect.

Until it wasn't.

What happens when Alex and Nikolay mate without knowing, and have to go to the demon world, where Nikolays best friend Marcus steps into the picture. Will their bond be able to withstand the adventure that awaits them?

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  • paranormal
  • romance
BlazingRadar BlazingRadar Nov 08, 2017
I love how she explains all this like she’s forecasting the weather😂
_daddysbabyboy_ _daddysbabyboy_ Dec 23, 2017
Oh yeah totally, I’m going to the demon world for 2 weeks, no big deal I’ll make sure to bring my sunscreen
I like Accents. I hope I date someone with an accent. Not just Russian, but literally ALL accents.
dont know when this happened but he seems to have already turned into something very much like me my life sucks dick so bad
isn't hell time different? like 4 hours is 4 months? lol im getting this from supernatural
lol as soon as i read 'russian accent' i thought of Semyon Kirov llllllooooooollllllll