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Experiencing The Impossible (Book Nine of The Bad Wolf Chronicles)

Experiencing The Impossible (Book Nine of The Bad Wolf Chronicles)

19.1K Reads 861 Votes 25 Part Story
Miss Moffat By WritersBlock039 Completed

After seeing Amy and Rory be sent to their deaths and seeing River and Clara Oswin Oswald die in front of her, Jessie has truly fallen, becoming the soldier her current incarnation was meant to be and has shown no signs of getting better. Even the Avengers have started to wonder if Jessie will ever recover.
  But there is still one promise that they know nothing about that may be her saving grace.
  Oswin Oswald died in the Dalek Asylum. Clara Oswin Oswald died in Victorian London. Both women were exactly the same, giving the same message each time they died. If there's one thing the Doctor and his wife have learned is that something of that proportion could not be a coincidence.
  With Pietro and Wanda Maximoff at their sides, the Time Lords are off on even more incredible adventures, experiencing the impossible, attempting to bring back the old Jessie Nightshade . . . and find out who exactly Clara Oswald really is.
  Ninth in The Bad Wolf Chronicles.
  I do not own Doctor Who or anything MARVEL. Dialogue, characters, and storylines you recognize belong to Steven Moffat, BBC, and Stan Lee and MARVEL. Jessie Nightshade and her storyline, however, belong to me. Saleen Harper belongs to Will_of_Fiore. The cover was done by marvel-ous.

MariaCrockett MariaCrockett Jun 12, 2016
You're not supposed to tell people it was Missy (even though everyone who's reading this book should have seen the show)
iwannabepizza iwannabepizza Jul 03, 2016
Reminds me of my mum after she found out I was a fangirl
HalfBlood_of_the_Sea HalfBlood_of_the_Sea Jun 12, 2016
I'm extremely worried about what happens when Clara dies. I bet Jez'll do exactly what the Doctor did, maybe a bit more extreme. This isn't going to have a happy ending is it?
whovian_gal_95 whovian_gal_95 Jun 12, 2016
Just curious, is civil war going to be included in this series?
hollymagicgirl hollymagicgirl Jun 12, 2016
Hey Missy you so fine you so fine you blow my mind! Hey Missy! Hey Missy!