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Blue » Bryson Tiller

Blue » Bryson Tiller

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#teamyanna By yakawi Updated 2 days ago

safe ha•ven 

     a place of refuge or security.
    •   temporary refuge given to a persecuted person or group. 

Too young to be stressed and too old to be worried. That's how Bryson thought of life. He just needed to work so he could take care of his daughter. That was his main concern. 

Why'd that spoil brat come and force him to care? Why'd she involve him? It wasn't in his plans to fall in love and it definitely wasn't in his plans to protect anybody. 

Why couldn't he just deliver pizza, smoke weed, and play video games? Why did he have to be a super hero? 

If Tommie really wanted to help herself, she'd call the police, right? She wouldn't call him. 

Why did he have to play her games and follow her rules? Life was much easier before she came into his. 

Why did he answer every time she called or go every time she asked? Why did he care for someone he didn't understand?

B. L. U. E.
Because Love Understands Everything

MrsTillertootrill MrsTillertootrill Jun 11, 2016
Got that notification 💙💝👐👏,  looking forward to this yanna !! 👀👀
KenyattaCullen KenyattaCullen Jun 19, 2016
And bitch you have to be really special for me to get up out my sleep 😂😂😂😂
kaythedon kaythedon Jun 20, 2016
Asking all these damn questions when you need to be thanking him for getting yo ass 😐
b9by9os b9by9os Jun 12, 2016
Yass I'm Soo Ready For This 1!1!1!1!1!1!1! Can't Wait Til July!