Recondite (Novella)

Recondite (Novella)

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Aurora Darwington By EnderShadeMCs Updated Jul 20, 2016

(cover by me! •3•)

A group of friends who haven't hung out in a long while decide to get together again and go into the country, spending spring break in a cabin. To them, it's a fun hang out, but to Ty, this is their chance to escape the past. He doesn't want to forget their lost friend, which separates him from the others; he feels like a stranger, different for wanting to have his best friend back.

But their lost friend may be closer than he thinks...


Cookehz Cookehz Aug 31
Canadians don't have an accent, do they? I don't think that I have an accent!
                              Do I?
                              I thought that it was just normal..
laughinghyeana laughinghyeana Dec 03, 2016
Adam why you in a bush well maybe your in the bush oh well will figure this out later
MormonCrafter MormonCrafter Jul 19, 2016
XD when I read this I swear I died laughing. I'm gonna do that now XD
Dawn_The_Mochi Dawn_The_Mochi Nov 17, 2016
                              Adam 'dissapeared' lost his memory and now is a borrower..? That what I got from that xD
remmistar remmistar Jun 21, 2016
Aurora, I love that you said that The Husky mudkipper said something in a HUSKY voice. NOICE