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Seeing Double

Seeing Double

5.8K Reads 78 Votes 35 Part Story
Janeesmiles By jlsh123 Updated Jul 21, 2012

Iris Summers, after surviving three days of hell, lived with her cousin and went to a school that had a secret and a problem. 90% of the students were guys and most of them were cute. And she was in that 10%. The cause of it? No student knew. She met a pair of twins that were just wow. The brunette brothers are just same but different. And is something going on in school?

Rainbowheartz Rainbowheartz Dec 25, 2010
I see you ended your story with a cliff hanger :) Good chapter
83ZKID83 83ZKID83 Dec 21, 2010
Omg your way better than I am!!! Hahaha anyways really good book I <3 it!!!