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Marvel/DC Roleplay

Marvel/DC Roleplay

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Alyssa Worthington By I_have_arrived Updated 5 days ago

Exactly what it sounds like!! Marvel meets D.C. In this pretty awesome roleplay! ;) Feel free to join at any time, just leave a comment to claim a character or describe an OC!! Follow @I_have_arrived for more Roleplays and Fanfics!

I will allow smut, just take it to a separate comment for those who don't wish to read it XOXO

Character: Rob people
                              Team: Red lanterns
                              Alignment: Neutral to evil
                              Powers: Teleportation and absorbing attacks and red power ring
                              Likes: comics, memes, survival, video games and tinkering
                              Dislikes: Sinestro Corp, League of assassins, HYDRA/SHIELD
Ms_Amaya_ Ms_Amaya_ Apr 30
Well.... The first couple chapters of my book Torrent Stark explains my character very well but if you dont wanna read it I could just tell you
hey... I have a question, it had DC in it correct? i was wondering if joker was taken?
Name:James Maximoff 
                              Age: 20
                              Powers: Super speed 
                              Looks: Zac Efron
                              Personality: Wild, Fun, Outgoing
                              Parents: Pietro Maximoff
Shadoflame Shadoflame Jun 02
Name: Xavier Shifter
                              Codename:The DreamWeaver
                              Alignment: Hero
                              Powers: Small bursts of reality warping
                              Age: 18? (Cant tell if he changes stuff at will)
                              Hates: Definite Reality
LoriMandle LoriMandle Jun 03
Real Name: Zoe Orielle
                              Hero Name: Illuma
                              Side: Good
                              Power(s): Flight, Lumen
                              Team: Currently None
                              Personal Enemies: Currently None