My Amazing Boyfriend (Camila/You)

My Amazing Boyfriend (Camila/You)

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I held Rachel close to me, as blood kept flowing out from her chest wound. She was getting paler, by the second, making every minute her last. I looked up at night sky and saw the stars out.

"SAVE HER!" I yelled, making every star twinkle. But, only one twinkled brighter.

And just like that, he appeared before me to save her. He only touched her forehead and the blood flow stopped immediately.

"It's good to know, that you still hear me." I said, causing him to smile cutely.

"Never doubt my hearing skills." he said, in his deep raspy British accent, that I loved.

He took Rachel in his arms and I got up, so we could head home. And, it was good to have my amazing boyfriend back home.


How far back in destinies, do a beautiful brunette pop sensation and hot alien, cross in history?

Y/n Y/l/n is an otherworldly beauty, literally. His undying beauty and enhanced psychical abilities were inherited from his alien father. Beside being the perfect 20-year-old, Y/n is also an elite.
Camila Cabello is 1/5 of Fifth Harmony, the hottest girl group act worldwide. She always gets bashed for being more daring then her members. But, she mainly focuses on the positive vibes.

When both stars become embroiled in each other's crazy lives, they learn, that there's more than meets the eye, literally. And with their friends and families aboard, the stars bickering relationship, eventually blossoms into romance.

But, can the cross-species couple possibly have a future together?

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