My Amazing Boyfriend (Camila/You)

My Amazing Boyfriend (Camila/You)

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I stared deep into his blue eyes, trying to figure out what he was. Trying to figure out if he was a human or a vampire. Just, he didn't have red eyes nor sparkling skin. So, he was kinda human.

"What are you?" I asked and we were now standing on different ground. Well, we were standing on the sand, of Santa Monica State Beach.

He wasn't a vampire, but he could stop time and teleport us to different places. And somehow, his abilities didn't scare me. They actually made me fall harder for him. 

"Seriously, what are you?" I asked again, which caused him to smile cutely. He really had to stop being so fucking cute.

"Something you wouldn't believe." he responded, in his deep raspy British accent, that I loved. I just loved everything about him.

He grabbed my hand and teleported us back to the venue. And, in a blink of an eye, my amazing boyfriend, resumed time. Amazing was underrated, but it was the only word to describe him.


How far back in destinies, do a beautiful brunette pop sensation and hot alien, cross in history?

Y/n James is an otherworldly beauty, literally. His undying beauty and enhanced psychical abilities were inherited from his alien father. Beside being the perfect 20-year-old, Y/n is also an elite.
Camila Cabello is 1/5 of Fifth Harmony, the hottest girl group act worldwide. She always gets bashed for being more daring then her members. But, she mainly focuses on the positive vibes.

When both stars become embroiled in each other's crazy lives, they learn, that there's more than meets the eye, literally. And with their friends and families aboard, the stars bickering relationship, eventually blossoms into romance.

But, can the cross-species couple possibly have a future together?

pillowtalkhansen pillowtalkhansen Oct 02, 2016
the drama is fckn killing me like make grace choke on a churro and die lmfaoo
Batmanisbae84 Batmanisbae84 Nov 02, 2016
                              Wait when will u update again??
waffle_hernandez waffle_hernandez Oct 03, 2016
Well, drama is what makes a great story. (At least, I think some good drama makes great stories)