Him ~Septiplier

Him ~Septiplier

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ma name is jeff... By septiplier_awaaay Completed

Mark is new to a school in L.A. He is absolutely oblivious to what people he will find (Jackaboy, of course). But Jack is almost over the limit with depression.. ALMOST. Jack's mother died from suicide and his father drinks to forget his problems. After a while he got violent. He eventually left to live with his aunt who is homophobic and hates gays.

(Warning, This story has depressing things going on such as cutting, attempted suicide, suicidal thoughts, ect.)

(Another Warning, this is my first book and i just want to apologize in advance for grammar errors and other stuff) 
ENJOY (or not...i mean its your mind and- you know what? Ill just let myself out *jumps out window*)
~Author Chan

Donutz4dayz62 Donutz4dayz62 6 days ago
I like this book so far because of the authors input between lines and paragraphs this is HILARIOUS
I burst out laughing for about the 5th time while reading this story, man this story SPEAKS to me! 😆
                              I died
K, calm down there Mark, we literally JUST started the story!
JewelsBear JewelsBear Nov 09
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I thought you were daddy.
                              I'm so sorry. So sorry..
                              do you get da reference?