Him | Septiplier

Him | Septiplier

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I miss Ryan Ross By septiplier_awaaay Completed

Mark is new to a school in L.A. He is absolutely oblivious to what people he will find (Jackaboy, of course) and his ex. Jack is almost over the limit with depression. Almost. Jack's mother died from suicide and his father drinks to forget his problems. After a while he got violent. He eventually left to live with his aunt who is homophobic and hates gays.

(Warning, This story has depressing things going on such as cutting, attempted suicide, suicidal thoughts, AND SMUT SMUT SMUT)

(Another Warning, this is my first book and i just want to apologize in advance for grammar errors and other stuff) 
ENJOY (or not...i mean its your mind and- you know what? Ill just let myself out *jumps out window*)
~Author Chan

spiffeymark spiffeymark Apr 26
Mark is daddy jack is baby, kitten, little, or anything along those lines
spiffeymark spiffeymark Apr 26
Mark dont wear top branded shits I hate when people do this !!
Yanasia0912 Yanasia0912 Mar 20
Do You Wanna Have A Bad Time Megalovania Plays In The Backround
Ishipaphmau Ishipaphmau Aug 11
Lemme finish that sentence for you "I'm pretty... turned on by this sexy af Irish mf"
Emo_Cat31 Emo_Cat31 Jul 22
11 year olds don't need to know what a daddy is!!! Lol, jk. Im such a hypocrite.
Kezziplier Kezziplier Jun 11
Am I the only one who is imagining this take place with themselves witnessing this whilst fangirling? No? Ok