Coffee Boy (YoonSeok)

Coffee Boy (YoonSeok)

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🌸 By SILVERKOOK Updated Oct 05

Sequel to Flower Boy


"I wish I could see you right now... Are you alright?"

"Don't worry about me."

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I stayed up till four reading flower boy, woke up at six and finished the last few chapters
HECK I READ FLOWER BOY IN TWO DAYS WITHOUT SLEEPING (I'm being legit, I pulled an all nighter over it) SO HERE WE GO AGAIN
We all know Taehyung has been fuvcking a bunny, huh Kookie( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
sopemonster sopemonster Sep 03
Finally realizes that it's Jae from DAY6 bc I'm just oblivious like that...
                              Also ends up lying on the floor in a fit of excitement over Jae of Day6
nyoomjoon nyoomjoon Sep 12
am I the only one who thought of tae's brother and sister? no? just me? ok
Istg if they somehow gonna reveal to the agency that he's gay imma slap a bithc