Aarmau In A Wolf's Body

Aarmau In A Wolf's Body

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Alpha_Wollf By Alpha_Wollf Updated Feb 19

Hi im Aphmau i was born into a great pack with a great family. I was the alpha daughter, I usually got what I wanted but, I almost never used the privilege because i think it makes me look selfish. I try to live an average life even though i get pampered a lot I wont let it get to me. I went out wondering venturing my pack territory when I find a young male wolf. He seemed to have a sad background.

Ugh do I have to do this? Yes? Fine!.. Hi im Aaron I was born in a small pack as an omega. I never got treated like I should of and, my family got kill a few weeks after my birth. I had sisters and one brother but they got killed  with the rest of my family. My family got killed by my own pack but, I didn't get killed because I was the biggest of my litter and the strongest. My pack had been planing an attack on a slightly bigger pack and well i was meant to get found in their territory and get taken in by their pack and then betray them but, when I got there i waited until a young female came up to me. She was beautiful after that i couldn't even think of betraying them until my pack came and well...

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