Picture The Future

Picture The Future

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**sequel to Polaroid**

Years from now-
Craig and Tweek are living on their own, living the life, right? Wrong, of course. 
Craig and Tweek were forced to split when Craig's family moved-taking him with them. 
That 'years from now' is right now and right here, Craig returns to South Park, finished high school and such, roommates with Stan, and South Park has changed a lot. 

Apartment buildings, whole foods, shining lights and people up at 3:00am roaming the streets, including himself. So prepare yourselves people of all genders or none..

For the reunion of a lifetime.  

* South Park does not belong to me neither do any characters
* cover is mine, all pictures in chapters are edited by me but art goes to their original creators
* characters are now out of highschool (possibly college?)
* feels

ShrimpyFiction ShrimpyFiction Jun 21, 2016
That moment when your name is Craig
                              And you live in Florida.
I can't help but notice you put "people of all genders" in your intro to this book under the book cover thingy and I love it, it makes me really happy all the time because usually I always see "ladies and gentlemen" and that's new and I love it.
SimplyHalsey SimplyHalsey Jun 10, 2016
I don't eat sweets with lactose bc then I feel bad for my friend bc he's lactose intolerant
ham-ception ham-ception Jul 28, 2016
God dammit it's 4 in the morning and I just finished polarize but I can't sleep until I finish this one too
trash420 trash420 Aug 08, 2016
I disagree.
                              there should be a warning for how amazing the sequel is 
                              smh author I thought you were better than that :\\
littleboy_alex littleboy_alex Jun 10, 2016
Hey I was wondering if you could update? I really like it so far and I am , happy / curious, to find out what happens? 😀😊😊