HeartBreaker Vs HeartHealer {Travlyn FF} COMPLETED

HeartBreaker Vs HeartHealer {Travlyn FF} COMPLETED

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Was the heartbreaker.

Everyone loved her but she never loved anyone.

She never gave anyone a chance since she knows that she would have to break there hearts after wards.

She helped break up's happen.



Was the Heart Healer

Also known as the matchmaker.

Never thinking about himself only others and who they would get paired up with.


He helped people get together

She helped people break up

But what about them selfs?

Ender-kitty Ender-kitty Mar 15
No no no he isn't a grandpa. He is Danny phantom *points at Travis* I mean look at him he has the green eyes and white hair
ShipsFly ShipsFly Jun 06
That one moment Zanvis followers start barging into your book claiming war
PrincessArt- PrincessArt- Sep 21, 2016
Happy llama sad llama mentally disturbed llama super llama drama llama big fat mama llama moose alpaca moose moose alpaca unicorn moose alpaca
CakeCleaner CakeCleaner Feb 25
Its not at all silly if you are locked up in a house all the time
CakeCleaner CakeCleaner Feb 25
I sad thing is im pretty sure his mom IS dead
                              OH NO MY LIL TRAVIS (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
HipsterGurl4Lyfe105 HipsterGurl4Lyfe105 Nov 06, 2016
Am I going cray or are there multiple stories with this exact same title and cover but with different a ships