Two berries are better than one

Two berries are better than one

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Galaxy By -Writer_Person- Completed

This is a story about a certain blueberry and a very naughty blackberry....what happens if they get stuck in the same universe? AND DEVELOP FEELINGS!?!


Yes there will be a lemon...... 

You had to see this coming......

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All of swapfell sans nicknames
KillerSound KillerSound Jun 26
Hurt my Blueberry and we will cine after you and reek havix on you booty short wearing ass
Ya know... We see an innocent bluberry here... You know what .....
                               Let's ruin him mua haha
me: *death glares blackberry* IF YOU HURT MY CHILD I WILL F***ING KILL YOU!
Bitter-Cookie Bitter-Cookie Sep 21, 2016
I thought BlackBerry was Gaster!Sans. No one every really fruit named him
SoullessDemon_Yaoi SoullessDemon_Yaoi Oct 09, 2016
Finally. Someone else who uses blackberry for swapfell sans :3