Why Me | Mario Selman

Why Me | Mario Selman

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You'll find out ;) 

This story is original. I thought of this myself. This is based on little things in my life. If you want to use some of my ideas dm me. 

There is a little swearing, I think self harm. I would say the age range is about 12+ unless your really mature. 

There is no sex, or drugs in the story. Things get a little heated but there is nothing too serious. There is a little part but it doesn't go through that they actually had sex.

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Okay so it seems good again and it's about your life so it's interesting
Ok so it's swimming that's making you want to cut (from last story)
Okay so this is about your life so I'm just going to try and take this all in okay I got you don't worry
I'm just gonna keep commenting to get it more viewers I'm going to share this with my friends it's very good