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The Witch's Way

The Witch's Way

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Nora P By italychick Updated 5 days ago

Gwyn Ó Muireann is good at stealing things; like food, and jewelry, and her surname. The one thing she's never been able to steal for herself is a better life. And gods, has she tried.
      No matter how clever, greedy, or deceptively charming she may be, her red hair promises to keep her far from the riches she so greatly desires. She's marked by the Otherworld, neither fully Human nor Druid, and it has often proved a death sentence for her kind. Up until her seventeenth year, she's been lucky enough--or just ruthless enough--to escape that fate. But when a misguided promise to a friend lands her a captive, death becomes a very real possibility.
       Abducted by a fool mad enough to take on crossing Realms, Gwyn is dragged back into a world she barely survived the first time. As a halfling, she is a key to the unseen wall that divides the Humans from a nightmarish land where even the gods do not abide. And for that she will pay dearly.
       From monster-ridden forests to war-torn cities to cannibalistic tribes, the odds are not stacked in her favor. But she didn't make it this far by playing fair, and she certainly isn't going to start now.
       She will get home.
       Whatever it takes.
      -Highest: #36 in Fantasy 12/10/17-
      -Gold Medallion Winner-
      -@FANTASCI Chosen One Elite 8-
      Updated every weekend
      Cover by moi
      Trailer by @BeautifulGoddess

GoldFantasy GoldFantasy Jan 09
                              Hey there! OMG I love how you broke down the language of your book in this Glossary. Very good idea and also gives the book a sense of importance. Also the maps!!!! Please tell me where you got them made. Did you draw and do this yourself? Very good and it looks very professional!
How did you make this map!! It's so cool! I want to make one for my story!
WriterWrittenRight WriterWrittenRight Dec 14, 2016
Nice job at tweaking Gaelic! The idea of your historical info. sounds very professional.
ThePoeticRose ThePoeticRose Aug 05, 2016
This isn't a part of the critique, but I love how you provide a map and a small reference sheet for the readers. Very smart.
Amaris_Anime Amaris_Anime Sep 22, 2016
Oh yeah, @GoldMedallion_Awards
                              -Congrats on the Contest btw 
- - Oct 22, 2016
My word ....
                              All these stuff ... You really put a huge amount of effort into this book.
                              If I saw this in a bookstore, I would buy it without a second thought