A Place Filled With Lust

A Place Filled With Lust

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HAi im TeMmicA jk name's Nics By Kawaii_Neko327 Updated Aug 10, 2016

This will be a random book filled with lemons and a lot of crackships. XD

Featuring Lust!Sans, pokeberry, blueberry, almost all of the sans I can think of, some other UT au characters, maybe my OCs too, and YOU!!!

Request?: nope not open for now...

My innocence is dead
                              R.I.P diamonds innocence 
                              SL sans: well hey at least it was fun
                              Me: GOD DAMN IT
I wanted his jaw to be so sharp that it cuts me! CUTS ME!!! 😫💜💜💜💜💙💙💙
YourBestTem YourBestTem May 04
Papyrus was probably like "Wow... He he actually did it.. Wow"
_Roy_Koopa_ _Roy_Koopa_ Jun 28
I was reading this in a light hearted matter then I deepened my voice at this part XD
Am I the only one that noticed that 'MAGNIFIENT' is spelled wrong
Why am I here and reading  this I am 14 and fricking asexual wat the hell