Ask Fontcest

Ask Fontcest

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Your Local Gay By GayMusical Updated Jun 29

I've seen a lot of ask books and I'm here "that looks fun.." so I am making on now! No question will be ignored c;

Btw it's any au of fontcest! Just say asking- underfell of like if it's ho koney mustard just say asking- Honeymustard 

And I think you get the idea

  • ask
  • fontcest
  • outertale
  • underfell
  • underlust
  • underswap
  • undertale
ysan81 ysan81 Jul 14, 2016
U!S  paps how innocent do you think U!S sans in on a scale of 1 - 10
rainbowdashandpinkie rainbowdashandpinkie Nov 24, 2016
Ok, I think you guys should have a little break since everyone is daring! Free hugs from pinkie pie! Please have some!
Lukeduke_thecat Lukeduke_thecat Jun 10, 2016
Undertale Sans and Papyrus, if you can have a threesome with anyone in the underground, who would it be?
Zyancw Zyancw Jun 09, 2016
sylvhrtokyo11056YM sylvhrtokyo11056YM Jun 09, 2016
Sans I dare you to search up undertale yaoi on Google with papy
Lukeduke_thecat Lukeduke_thecat Jul 03, 2016
Asking Underfell Sans, What if Underfell Paps,(or boss) is extremely pissed at you?