Safe Haven » H.S

Safe Haven » H.S

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"Harry, please don't go." I croak sadly. His thumb gently strokes my cheek and he wipes away my tears.

"I'll be back before you know it, Addy." Just twelve months I'll be gone." He kisses me sweetly. Our kiss tastes like the salt from my eyes. 12 months I can hardly talk to him;  12 months I won't see him. 

"You're my Safe Haven Harry. Please come back." I hiccup.

"Always." He nuzzles his nose against mine and kisses me deeply, his hands cupping my cheeks. Then he's out of my grip and I cry. 


Harry Styles is in the U.S marines as well as his girlfriends brother, Riley. One normal Sunday afternoon Harry's dad comes to Addison's house with tears in his eyes. 

She knows what's to come...One of them is dead

Is it Addison's brother that is also her best friend or is it the love of her life that she can't live without? Either one will kill her, they mean the world to her. But which one does she want to be alive? Her brother or her boyfriend?

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SomeoneSF SomeoneSF Mar 29
I think it harry. And maybe ots better that way because you can find a new lover but not a new brother. And I don't think harrys father would cry over the death of her brother. Just my opinion
LarrySideBabe LarrySideBabe Dec 09, 2016
readytorun1029 readytorun1029 Jun 14, 2016
I'm intrigued, can't wait to find out which one has died !!!
gillies76 gillies76 Jun 14, 2016
It's the first chapter and I'm already hooked.. Dying to know who it is but I feel like it'a her brother - can't wait for you to continue this story!
pllbrookie pllbrookie Dec 29, 2016
This is from the book "Come back to me" right? Because this book is legit about the same thing. And even her brothers name is the same. I don't care though because that book is my favorite 😂
babyalixx babyalixx Jun 14, 2016
Why is this already affecting me it's the first damn chapter