Descendants (Natsu X Reader)

Descendants (Natsu X Reader)

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Xx_noirblanc_xX By Xx_noirblanc_xX Updated Sep 10, 2016

Natsu Dragneel, the teenaged son of King Igneel and Queen Natsumi, invites the exiled children of defeated evil dragons and wizards to attend a prep school with the good dragons and wizards' children.

(Y/N) (L/N), the teenaged daughter of The Dragon King Acnologia is sent to attend Fairy Tail Prep along with her 3 friends to retrieve the book E.N.D. But, will they succeed or will a Pyro Prince become an obstacle to a certain girl *cough* you  *cough*.

Btw I don't hate Lucy but for the story she has to be mean.

AGKraftyGamer2257 AGKraftyGamer2257 Dec 14, 2016
Oh my lord!!!! I love this movie!! And a FT version AWESOME!!
rebeccameng7 rebeccameng7 Sep 08, 2016
no wifi?
two_fanfic_girls two_fanfic_girls Sep 10, 2016
Natsu I love you to death, but no freaken wifi!? What about Twitter or Facebook or snap chat!? What the hell kinda of story is this!?
FairyLoverofTheMoon FairyLoverofTheMoon Jul 28, 2016
Yet another Descendants Natsu x Reader story, and you know what I still like the idea, but I guess I also like it because it's based on one of my favorite modern Disney movies.
XxShadow_DragneelxX XxShadow_DragneelxX Oct 04, 2016
No wifi ;-;
                              LORD JESUS NO
Zylemi Zylemi Jul 22, 2016
The movie is pretty good so I bet this will be interesting too!