Descendants (Natsu X Reader)

Descendants (Natsu X Reader)

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Xx_noirblanc_xX By Xx_noirblanc_xX Updated Sep 10

Natsu Dragneel, the teenaged son of King Igneel and Queen Natsumi, invites the exiled children of defeated evil dragons and wizards to attend a prep school with the good dragons and wizards' children.

(Y/N) (L/N), the teenaged daughter of The Dragon King Acnologia is sent to attend Fairy Tail Prep along with her 3 friends to retrieve the book E.N.D. But, will they succeed or will a Pyro Prince become an obstacle to a certain girl *cough* you  *cough*.

Btw I don't hate Lucy but for the story she has to be mean.

no wifi?
Natsu I love you to death, but no freaken wifi!? What about Twitter or Facebook or snap chat!? What the hell kinda of story is this!?
Yet another Descendants Natsu x Reader story, and you know what I still like the idea, but I guess I also like it because it's based on one of my favorite modern Disney movies.
No wifi ;-;
                              LORD JESUS NO
xSerenitys xSerenitys Jul 22
The movie is pretty good so I bet this will be interesting too!
I love it how she said; "this is my hood. No magic, no wifi, no way out...