All My Eye [Jesse McCree X Reader]

All My Eye [Jesse McCree X Reader]

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Neige | Candy By Candyespeon Completed

You and McCree have known each other ever since you two paired up in Overwatch operations. Overwatch has soon disbanded ever since humanity's fear and hopelessness branched out about the global crisis of Omnics (robots). Some heroes still fought for justice while others such as yourself resorted into crimes mostly to survive. McCree, on the other hand, wanted to make up for his past sins and became a bounty hunter and fought only for what he believed in despite groups wanting to recruit him. News reached him of a new outlaw in the outskirts of New Mexico and he's determined to accomplish the task -- to catch you. 

"Justice ain't gonna dispense itself."

-Overwatch belongs to Blizzard
-Can someone give me the source of who made the cover art? I can't seem to find them and I want to give credit
-This will be a short story, very short
-Story and plot belongs to me (Neige/Insanityespeon/QueenCandyness)

[© 2016 | иєιgє]

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Yes! I finally found a McCree X Reader with actually good grammar! ^^
This was a well constructed first chapter, I'm impressed! ^^
*sees poster in mexico* it reads: Donald Trump wanted dead or alive: reward a small loan of a million dollars. me: MCCREE WE'RE GOING TO AMERICA!
LEGIT. I had a dream about what his belt said. Next morning I woke up and forgot what it meant. I went to school and a friend told me what it was. It's weird that I had a dream about it and Remember/forgot about it.
lubyaknow lubyaknow Oct 12
I laughed when I saw the price like they want me stopped THAT much