Why you? (BTS Min Yoongi Fanfic)

Why you? (BTS Min Yoongi Fanfic)

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_Suga.Suga_ By cookieplanet Updated Jul 16

She had it all. She lost it all.
After a heartbreaking experience, she decides to have changes in her life. Little did she know that those changes would bring her closer to Min Yoongi 

Min Yoongi has dreams about her-
But they seem too real to be fake. He doesn't want to get close, he fears that she'll hurt him. He's already been hurt. He doesn't know how much more he can take. 

[reader x Min yoongi fanfic ]

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I don't really like socializing, I just talk a little and sit in chair or use my phone while someone does the talking 😂
Has namjoon got a heartbreak and asked mah yoongs man how to fix it? 
Fenixopel Fenixopel Sep 26
C'mon god of destruction, give poor yoongi a break. It's bad enough he wasn't born a rock. (That was a joke, calm your tits)
This is relatable 
                              Whenever I venture out of the safety of my room, it's for food not socialising 😂😂