Wrong Way || #Wattys2016

Wrong Way || #Wattys2016

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PorshaBee By PorshaBee Updated May 15

Book 1|| Which Way Series

She had a crush on him, He barely noticed her.
She stared at him as he passed by, He'd scoff and ignore her.
She loved him, He had no intentions of loving anyone especially her.

He is the bad boy thug people try the hardest to stay away from, the further the better but he seems to intrigue one particular girl.

From far she admires knowing that is all she could do, a shy girl that stayed out of peoples way except for this guy. He had her hooked on him but she'd never admit it even if a million dollars were placed on the table 'Stay Away but admire' was her mantra.

What happens when lies, heartbreak and bets are all revealed?

Shit is about to get heated!



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I’m laughing at the two weeks part 😂😂😂 like wtf? Two weeks?! I can’t even 🤣
She was just a kid how could they say something like that :(
n0tpoppinMe n0tpoppinMe May 28
tracy childish af like if you dont go sit yo two week trial ass down somewhere
candychubby candychubby Aug 25
Really... That line don't Even make it ..  U sound stupid AF
Ladyray1994 Ladyray1994 Nov 01, 2016
oh my if I was her that hoe what have gotten beat real bad bitch don't mess with me when I enjoying food no no no
butterfly-beauty butterfly-beauty Nov 22, 2016
Why y'all laughing? Fkn fools, in about 5 chapters all of y'all will be on your knees sucking her off☕