Someone Else

Someone Else

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Meet Elle Robinson, a woman in her mid-twenties who must rewrite the draft of the perfect life she planned out when the man she loved for nearly her entire existence fell out of love with her. Running away to London probably wasn't the best laid plan for a girl who thinks through every detail, but when she meets Jude Anderson, who never fails to bring a blush to her cheeks, she may be able to save her love life and revise her life plan to make it better than she could've ever imagined. No romance is complete without a little drama, and Elle will find that she must learn to separate fact from fiction when engaging in a romance with a famous celebrity.

Highest rank in Romance: #13--12/3/16

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Leiiana Leiiana Apr 08
Me too. The next thing you know, a random question like, "what's your favorite color?" will come out of my mouth.
She could have left when she was a few months old and lost it then came back...
British slang can confusing sometimes, especially urban British slang
wendy_lopz01 wendy_lopz01 2 days ago
Technically English people started talking with an accent because the king didn’t like the fact that they had the same accent as Americans.
Moya_smiles Moya_smiles Apr 11
You guys need to stop trying to be smart obviously everyone has accent but to yourself you sound “normal” and everybody else has an accent
She acting like the UK is some foreign exotic country like I as an American understand that we're pretty culturally retarded but it's just London wtf😂😂