short sex stories

short sex stories

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Chelsea and Andrew 


I was struggling in my Science class and I needed help. I asked the teacher could i be assigned a tutor. She assigned me to Andrew Smith. We have known each other since sixth grade but never really talked. I found Andrew in the library and went up to him and tapped his shoulder.  He turned around with an inviting smile and asked me what I needed. I told him what Mrs.Johnson said. He nodded his head and picked his stuff up and told me to follow him. He told me that they were going to be studying at his house every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I gladly agreed and thanked him for helping me. I texted my mother and told her I would be home late. We walked out of the school doors to Andrews Black and Red Lamborghini. I gazed at his car totally forgetting that I was supposed to get in. Andrew laughed and pulled me to the passengers side and opened the door for me. I got in and put my seatbelt on making sure I didn't get his car dirty. He laughed, cl...

shouldene shouldene Nov 27
Well because this is like one of the best books i ever read!!!!!!!!!!
Good girl + pregnant + bad boy+ baby + child support + pressure = Andrew saying 
                              "I'm out! Gotta ZAYN!" In other WORDS.....THE BABY ISNT GONNA HAVE A DADDY! And HE AINT GOT TIME
                              TO HE A BABY DADDY!
Gal let me hold you, put mi ting around you(missing some words I know😊)
Is he gonna pay the Child Support? Let's find out on the next episode of MAURY
I'm like that,when I just done my sheets I don't want anyone on my bed so I can relate 😊😊
Well I guess she just had a feeling in the shower like I might need to shave tonight don't know why but I feel like I do