Life Is A Game: YouTube High | Book 1 [A YouTubers X Reader FanFic]

Life Is A Game: YouTube High | Book 1 [A YouTubers X Reader FanFic]

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✴ ~ Ann Smith ~ ✴ By _AnnCawthon_ Updated Aug 04

The story of (Y/N) (L/N), a 16 year old teenager, who struggles with depression. After being accepted in YouTube High, a school for young, skilled YouTubers, she will make new friends, and will steal their hearts. But what happens when her friends start fighting over her? Who will finally win her heart? What when a close friend of hers, commits suicide? Will her friends and boyfriend help her out of this? Will the bullies finally be gone forever?

..Is this hell going to be over?


Dear reader,

This book contains sensitive topics, such as depression and suicide, which may be triggering to some. Might contain other stuff, like lemon and gore. Please if you can't stand these kinds of stuff, change book right now. Also, it is a Male!YouTuber X Female!Reader. I have no problem with gay or lesbian sexualities, but the reader in this book is a female.

Please vote if you like the story. I'd really appreciate it. Support the author by following and please no hate.

SEQUEL: Level Up: YouTube High

Wait. Why is Y/N a mistake. 
                              Well logic say that a a women and a men are needed for a baby to be born. So if Y/N Mom and Dad do the thing, than isn't it their mistake not Y/N?
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YAAAAAY * drops phone and it lands on her feet* OW THAT HURT LIKE BUTT CHEEK ON A STICK * covers mouth* 
                               Kate(yellow hair: XD
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OMG, I'm a youtuber myself, and it would be a wish to every room with tiffy!
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