Hold Me || Macob - Jacob Sartorius & Mark Thomas

Hold Me || Macob - Jacob Sartorius & Mark Thomas

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✨Cash & Tronnor By temporarybandsmh Updated Sep 04

"Hold me please? And never let me go." Mark asked 

"Of course baby, i'll hold you forever and i would never let you go." Jacob said 

Mark has been bullied every since the whole school knew that he's gay and jacob was the popular kid also gay but no one knew except his friend, bryce and mark had been liking his bestfriend for months now and that's the reason why he's gay... He like his bestfriend.

Can I be in it its a really amazing story keep up the good work
itzsofhere itzsofhere Jun 28
This fanfic is different, but I'm really liking it. You should keep updating it ❤️
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