Living With Exo||D.o × Reader♡ BOOK: 1 [COMPLETE]

Living With Exo||D.o × Reader♡ BOOK: 1 [COMPLETE]

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Trenaia Jones By Trenaia20 Completed

You are the face of a girl band named "A.i.r", 
You are a bit shy, but that makes you even cuter.
There are four other girls in the band, Ary, Sophie, Selena, and Hana.
But what will happen when you find out that you are going to be sharing a huge dorm with Exo?


《I put all of the Exo members in the story because it doesn't feel right without them all
Sorry, not sorry》

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LaxyFlavoredBingsu LaxyFlavoredBingsu Nov 10, 2017
When you realize that you and Sophie are like separated twin sisters
LaxyFlavoredBingsu LaxyFlavoredBingsu Nov 10, 2017
I'm MY UNICORN's GALAXY FYI *Le Hairflip* Jk not in this story lmao
Kajm123 Kajm123 Sep 10, 2017
Too bad i dissaprove! Lay shall stay happy with his members not you! I am his mother! He is my child! 😂
satansdaughterAJ satansdaughterAJ Sep 15, 2017
Hey my friend is called sophie and she is acationally like that 😂
seoulmatejinnie seoulmatejinnie May 01, 2017
I'm also obsessed only with D.O, Xiumin, Chanyeol, and even though he left, Tao.
QueenofSass508 QueenofSass508 Dec 22, 2017
So me...just cut of the part of doing things. I'm a couch potato = lazy😁😂😂😂😂